5 Great Restaurants in La Moraleja, Madrid

La Moraleja Restaurants

If you are in La Moraleja and wish to dash into a restaurant for a meal, either lunch or dinner, then these are the five best restaurants you should consider.

  1. Aspen Restaurante

Aspen restaurant was officially opened in 2002 and it offers the very best seasonal produce throughout the year. The restaurant’s menu is founded on products of good quality and is made up of foods varying from the most traditional meals in Spain such as the croquettes or Spanish omelet, to other innovative foods such as special cuts of meat. The restaurant also offers an extensive choice of pasta, rice, vegetables, salads, and fish, and do not forget its most symbolic dessert, the Fina de Manzana Cake. Aspen also has an amazing winery list of over 100 references of local and international wines that you can choose from. For those wishing to host an event, the restaurant offers a private space with a capacity of 40 people that can be reserved under a pre-arranged menu.

  1. Restaurante La Máquina

The restaurant was opened in 2007 and is located in front of the Plaza de La Moraleja. There are two private spaces for meetings or events, two amazing terraces, and a large bar. La Máquina offers an amazing menu whose dishes are founded on the traditional roots of Grupo La Máquina. The menu’s strongest point is the variety, accompanied by a simple presentation where the textures and flavors of the best quality products prevail. Some of the dishes include Spanish cuisine, for instance, potato omelet, tripe asturiana, Russian salad, and Levantine rice.

  1. El Barril de La Moraleja

This restaurant is situated in the Plaza de la Moraleja and it is the best place to eat seafood which is brought directly from the coast to the dining table. Some of their main delights include wheat in tempura or sea urchins with their caviar and crayfish among others. The restaurant also has a winery list that is ideal for any meal. All types of events can be held at El Barril thanks to the huge and comfortable spaces that are available. This is the place to go if you want to run away from the turmoil and stress of the city.

  1. Tao 3.6.9 La Moraleja

This restaurant is situated in the small commercial center of El Soto de La Moraleja and it is known for its oriental type of food which is a mixture of Chinese and Japanese cuisine, and sushi. Other items on its menu include chicken, soups and salads, pasta, rice, and so on. The prices are relatively fair and food can be ordered to go.

  1. Txoko La Moraleja

This is a great place for friends to meet, spend time together while enjoying good food, drinks and service at the same time. The restaurant’s main expertise is grilled foods which are prepared from fresh products that are of good quality. There is also a winery made up of different sparkling wines to accompany the different dishes.