Buying Properties in Santo Domingo, Madrid


Santo Domingo is an exclusive area just north of Madrid, about 25 minutes from the city. To access the neighborhood you must pass through a security gate and 90% of the neighborhood is filled with large villas surrounded by pine trees. The area if made up of 280 hectares with roughly 830 houses, 12 bungalows and 5 apartment complexes.

This residential area was built at the end of the 1960’s as part of the larger area of Algete, yet the 3000 or so residents in Santo Domingo earn 3 times more than those that live in the main part of Algete.

Near the neighborhood entrance there are restaurants and a small shopping center, a church, public school, bars, sports club, banks, post office and sports complex. Santo Domingo is similar to other nice communities in the area, like Fuente del Fresno, but it has the extra bonus of more shops, restaurants, and services right inside the community.

Property prices in Santo Domingo

Rents in Santo Domingo range from just over 1000€/month for the few apartments available to over 8000€/month for luxury villas. The average price is between 2000€ and 3000€.

Sale prices in Santo Domingo range from 500,000€ to 2 million euros. The average sale price is between 750,000€ and 1 million, making this area a little more expensive than its neighbor, Fuente del Fresno. Most of the properties in Santo Domingo are independent villas with large plots and private swimming pools.

The Santo Domingo community runs regular activities like the 10th anniversary of classic cars and motorbikes, games competitions, cooking competitions and special markets.