How to check the state of a property before buying in Madrid


Before buying an apartment in Madrid remember to review some basic aspects of the property. In the “nota simple” of the Registry you can see if the property has any payments due. You can also submit an online application to check if the property has passed the technical inspection (ITE) or the evaluation report (IEE).

The area of Sustainable Urban Development (Desarrollo Urbano Sostenible) of the City of Madrid has updated the application website of the “Consistorio” with the information relating to the Register of Buildings and Constructions, which includes the data relating to Technical Inspections of Buildings (ITE) or Reports of Buildings Evaluation (Informes de Evaluación de Edificios) that the buildings must pass periodically.

Anyone interested in buying or renting a home has legal access to building information, including whether or not it has passed the periodic inspections, if any disciplinary files exist and more information.

The Consistorio usually carries out about 12,000 technical inspections of buildings, of which 80% are favorable. The remaining 20% still have to make some improvement in the building, whether on the facade, roof, basements or different enclosures. This information can be found on the City of Madrid’s website here.

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