Famous People Who Live in La Moraleja


Working as a real estate agent in Madrid I can tell you first hand that many of the people arriving to Madrid have the area of La Moraleja first on their list for the ideal place to rent or purchase their home. It’s no wonder considering the exclusivity of the location. El Encinar and El Soto are the more modest parts of La Moraleja and are full of closed secure communities with spacious apartments or attached houses, recreational areas for kids, pools, gyms, as well as tennis and padel courts. The rest of La Moraleja, the most exclusive part, is filled with large villas with private yards.

La Moraleja has over 12000 inhabitants and the largest concentration of houses (as opposed to apartments) in the Madrid area. La Moraleja was born as a location for VIP’s going back to the 18th century when King Carlos III called the area “Dehesa de la Moraleja”. En 1946 a plan was designed to make la Moraleja a residential area with a 70% concentration of green areas.
La Moraleja is one of the 3 most exclusive areas in Madrid alongside El Viso and La Finca.

Footballers Who Live in La Moraleja

Many famous people have lived in this more exclusive area of Madrid and many still do! Let’s start with some famous footballers.

Potentially the most famous of them all was David Beckham, with his X-spice girl wife, Victoria and family. At the same time Beckham was living in La Moraleja, his team-mate Ronaldo (the original Brazilian Ronaldo) also made his home near bye in the area as well as Real Madrid’s current captain, Sergio Ramos and not to mention Real Madrid’s legendary players, Roberto Carlos and Pedrag Mijatovic.

Currently Karim Benzema, Luka Modric, Raphael Varane, and Marcelo live in La Moraleja.

Actors and other Artists Who Live in La Moraleja

Although he makes his permanent residence elsewhere, the super-famous actor, Bruce Willis, has invested in property in La Moraleja.

The Spanish musicians Antonio Flores and Lola Flores have also enjoyed the privacy of their private residences in la Moraleja as well as the actress and singer, Rocío Jurado and the singer Isabel Pantoja. Ana Obregón is another famous actress and presenter in Spain who owns a villa in La Moraleja.

The former Miss Spain, Carmen Cervera, resides in La Moraleja as well as a number of well known business men and women you have probably never heard of.

Image Source: Gage Skidmore