Find Luxury and Inexpensive Villas in Madrid


Madrid is Europe’s third largest city and has it’s share of large luxurious homes. Is it possible to find inexpensive villas in Madrid? The answer would be yes for the community of Madrid, but no for the city of Madrid.

Most Madrileños live in apartments. This city is fairly packed with apartment buildings where you’re average family apartment can range from just 60m² to 120m². There are some areas in the city with actual villas but these areas are limited and they are not cheap. Many of these areas with houses and villas are in the northern part of the city.

Villas within the Madrid City Limits

  1. Villas in Puerta de Hierro, Madrid

When you think of villas in Madrid the first place that would come to mind for Los Madrileños would be the neighborhood of Puerta de Hierro. Puerta de Hierro is located on the northwest side of Madrid. It stretches from the University area of Ciudad Universitaria up to the M30 express way and is surrounded on the west side by the M30. Puerta de Hierro includes a golf club and several security gates as well as security patrol. Many of the foreign embassies reside in this area and it includes some of the largest and most luxurious homes in the city. Prices in Puerta de Hierro can range from 700,000€ for a smaller house into several million euros for nicer villas.

  1. Villas in Peña Grande, Madrid

Peña Grande is a neighborhood just above Puerta de Hierro and the M30 and could be considered one of the more accessible housing areas within the city in terms of price. This area has many large homes but also still has some older, not so nice looking, small properties in certain parts, although everyday there are less and less of these eye sores. Prices for a home in this area start at 500,000€ and can range up to a couple million euros.

  1. Villas in Fuentelarreina, Madrid

Fuentelarreina is one of nicest neighborhoods within the city limits of Madrid. It lies west and just north of Peña Grande and is also bordered by the express way going north. Some of Madrid’s larges and most luxurious villas can be found here. There are security cameras everywhere and security patrols. There is also a golf course next to this neighborhood. Prices here range from over 1 million to upwards of 10 million euros.

  1. Villas in Arroyo Fresno, Madrid

To the east of Fuentelarreina is the area of Arroyo Fresno. Here you can find many houses but not many large villas. Although it is an area with many homes there also some apartment buildings and a lot of shops near bye. Prices in this area range from 600,000€ to over 1 million euros.

  1. Villas in Mirasierra, Madrid

Mirasierra is a large neighborhood and one of the best spots in Madrid. This residential area is known for large expensive homes as well as large plots for every property. It’s located just east of Arroyo Fresno, also in the north of the city. Here you can find some average size houses as well as some properties that are nothing short of palaces. Prices range from 800,00€ to over 10 million euros.

  1. Villas in Montecarmelo, Madrid

Montecarmelo is a newer area in the north and is located just above Mirasierra. The heart of the area is mostly modern apartment buildings but it also surrounded by large recent and brand new villas. Prices range from 500,000€ to a few million euros.

  1. Villas in El Viso, Madrid

If you’re searching for a villa in the heart of the city then you would have to check out El Viso. El Viso is slightly northeast of the city center. It is located in the lower part of the Chamartin area, just below the Santiago Bernabeu football (soccer) stadium and stretches down to the area of Avenida de America. Expect your average price here to be several million years with few properties under 1 million.

Villas Outside of the Madrid City Limits

  1. Villas in Pozuelo and La Finca, Madrid

La Finca is a highly luxurious community that resides within the area of Pozuelo, which is a suburb on the west side of Madrid. La Finca is known for extreme luxury and it is where many of Real Madrid’s footballers live as well as film stars and other well know personalities. If you’re looking for something highly exclusive very close to the city this is an ideal location. It is said that security in the neighborhood is so tight that people don’t even put alarms on their homes anymore. Prices in La Finca start at over 1 million and go up to almost 20 million euros.

  1. Villas in La Moraleja, El Soto and El Encinar, Madrid

These 3 exclusive area of La Moraleja, El Soto and El Encinar are all located in the suburb of Alcobendas, just north of Madrid. Much of these areas are covered with gated communities with luxurious apartments and nice common areas with play areas for children, pools, tennis and padel courts, etc. This is the neighborhood of choice for many upper middle-class families. Many of these communities also have connected housed within these gated communities but there are also large separate villas in the Moraleja area. Prices for villas in this area range from 700,000€ to nearly 20 million euros.

  1. Villas en Fuente del Fresno and Santo Domingo, Madrid

The 2 gated communities of Fuente del Fresno and Santo Domingo reside about 15 minutes north of Madrid, using the A2 express way. They consist of mostly large independent villas with large plots. Since these area are located north of the city they are more accessible price wise. You can find a decent villa starting in 300,000€ range and you’ll have a large selection in the 400-500,000€ range. Prices can go up to roughly 2 million. These are areas with the most inexpensive villas within 20 minutes of the city (north of the city, the south is more accessible.).

  1. Villas in Majadahonda, Madrid

16 kilometers to the west of the city is the suburb of Majadahonda. Majadahonda has a large selection of houses and villas and is a little more financially accessible than other areas. Prices start around 400,000€ for a decent size villas and can range up to 3 million euros.

For even more accessible Villas near the Madrid area you can head south of the city to areas live Rivas. If you’re willing to go further out (45+ minute drive) to surrounding villages you could find nice villas in the 200,000€ to 300,000€ range.

  1. Villas in Boadilla del Monte

Boadilla is another area west of the city center, just south of Pozuelo. The core of the suburb is surrounded by nice modern villas. Villas in this area can range from 300,000€ to 3 million euros.