What Permits are Needed to Remodel Properties in Spain

remodelling fees on spanish property

Remodeling or renovating a house can be a very exciting activity. It is, however, important to note that one cannot start remodeling a property without the appropriate permits and licenses from the government. The permits needed to do so are as discussed below.

Permits needed to remodel in Spain

The permits a person will need to remodel a property are normally given by the Town Hall or City Council, referred to as Ayuntamiento. There are two main types of permits issued and they vary depending on the magnitude of the project. The two categories include obra mayor and obra menor. Obra mayor licenses are issued for huge and new renovation projects. Obra menor, on the other hand, are for simple remodeling projects. The total cost of each of these permits is estimated based on the fraction of the final construction charges. One has to get the license before commencing on the remodeling project. This, therefore, means that an individual has to pay for the permit whose calculations are based on the approximated fee, then pay for the difference that is founded on the real cost once the project is complete.

The request for a permit (solicitud de licencia) is normally done at a cost and the permit itself as well. For major renovation projects a person is expected to pay a charge of between 3 and 3.5% of the original referential budget. For a minor renovation project, the cost for a minor work permit is usually lower and at times free if no modifications are being made in the interior region of the property. After a permit has been issued, the Town Hall issues a period of one year for the constructions and renovations to begin and between six months and two years to complete the project. This depends on the magnitude of the project. It is important to note that any of these two licenses can be extended at an additional cost.

Other types of licenses and permits needed for renovation in Spain

After renovations are complete, there are other types of licenses that one is supposed to get. One of this is the habitability certificate, translated in Spanish as La cédula de habitabilidad. It is necessary to obtain this certificate and it is issued by the autonomous communities (comunidades autónomas) of Spain. This certificate is a verification that the property meets all the rules and guidelines of habitability in the country. The cost for this permit is relatively insignificant compared to the other expenses. This license has to be requested and paid for by the client.

The other license is that of initial occupation referred to as La licencia de primera ocupación. When all remodeling work is completed, the City Council has to make sure that the building matches with the original project that had been licensed and permitted. To get this license, the City Council arranges a visit to the project site to validate the facets of the work. After approval, the license of initial occupation allows one to request for services for utilities such as gas, water, and electricity.